Discover your own family tree

Since Anders Kjærulf settled in Vadum around 1400 The Kjærulf family has grown continuously. Now the family database contains almost 11,000 Kjærulfs. Data has been gathered by many people starting with Bertel Kjærulf (1582 - 1672) and continuing with Peder Laursen Dyrskjøt (1630-1707) and Carl Klitgaard (1868-1957). Finally Charles Taylor Kierulff, "CAP", has made an enormous effort in getting contributions from around the world and building a database with all the information. The database is still growing as new information appears related to newborn Kjærulfs and newly discovered family members.

You have access to all the data and you can check whether information about yourself and your branch of the family is correct. If it is not correct or incomplete we currently do not have a solution to maintaining the family tree. It is possible for you to create your own family tree from the data starting from Anders Kjærulf in 1400.

Here is how you get access to data on your family:

The family database is an updated version of Caps book "Twentieth Century Kjaerulfs" (TCK) on this website. You can retrieve all pages in the database below using Acrobat Reader. You can search for your own name and members of your branch of the family.


You can also retrieve a copy of Carl Klitgaards book "Kjærulfske Studier" in Danish and English.

 Click on the book to retrieve data: 

Kjærulfske Studier in Danish by Carl Klitgaard pages 1-525 (Acrobat Reader format -.pdf-file)
Kjærulfske Studier in English by Carl Klitgaard pages 1-525 (Acrobat Reader format -.pdf-file)
Twentieth Century Kjaerulfs in English by Cap Kierulff pages 9 - 266 (Acrobat Reader format -.pdf-file) Now more than 400 pages. Kjerulf Family Tree Database