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FOGEDGAARD, Vadum, Denmark (Anders Wulffs farms)

KJERULF-GLACIER, South Georgia Island, Antartic





FOGEDGAARD, Vadum, Denmark

The farm in Denmark where Anders Wulff, the person regarded as the original ancestor of the Kjærulf family, settled around 1400.



Fogedgaard  (click to enlarge)




Fogedgaard situated north of Vadum village (click for details)


The farm is situated in Denmark just outside of the town of Vadum in Kjær District in the Northern part of Jutland only 8 km NW of the major city of Aalborg and close to the airport.

The present farm was built in 1735 after the Kjærulfs left it in 1684. There are still reminiscents of the original farm as the larder still has the original floor and walls. A plaque has been put on the wall by the Kjærulf visitors during Kiermeet90 memorizing that this was the farm of the first Kjærulf: 



The ancestor of the Kierulff family, Anders Wulff, settled on this site in the mid-1400's.
With only few interruptions, the Kierulffs worked here acting as bailiffs and judges in the Kier district until 1684.


This plaque is mounted on the 4th of July 1990 during the visit of 170 descendants to "Fogedgaard" during their family gathering. "Kiermeet -90"



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KJERULF GLACIER, South Georgia Island, Antartic

 The "KJERULF GLACIER," named after the renowned 19th Century Norwegian Geologist, Theodore Kjerulf (1825-1888), Page 62 in the Twentieth Century Kjaerulff (TCK) - Book.


 Theodore Kjerulff Stamp


Theodore Kjerulf is also honored on a Norwegian Postage Stamp. It has been on the map of that area for more than 3/4 Century.

The Island of "South Georgia," can be found 54 degrees South of the Equator, 37 degrees West of Greenwich, England, in the Antartica, and in the center of the Island.



South Georgia Island

Kjerulf Glacier (click to enlarge)

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The church contains Kjærulf items from the destroyed Bjørnsholm church.

The culpit in Overlade Church has a candlestick from 1776 carrying the Kjærulf and the Benzon crest. The 3 chandeliers in the church also carries the crests.


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In the magnificent cloister (partly a ruin) south of Løgstør at Limfjorden in Northern Jutland there are several tombstones in the floor for members of the Kjærulf family, among them one of its owners, Anders Mortensen Kjærulff. On the mantelpiece in the main livingroom the family crest with the jumping wolf can be found. Painted approx. 1720.


Vitskol_Family_Crest.jpg (61333 bytes)

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Was built around 1200 and the Kjærulf wolf-mark was cut into a church chair in 1652. MN means Mikkel Nielsen Kierulv who was the church warden for many years.


Hvorup Church

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An impressive statue of Skipper Klement can be found in Aalborg, Denmark, not far from "Fogedgaard",


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Hed oprindelig Ryesgade, men skiftede navn ved kommune sammenlægningen i 1970. Slægten Kjærulf, en vidt forgrenet slægt, som kan spores tilbage til sen middelalder, har givet navn til denne gade. Dog nok mest de mange herredsfogeder i Kjær Herred, idet herredsfogedembedet dengang var arveligt og blev beklædt af Kjærulf'er i længere perioder. (Munk, Sundsh., nr. 28, 1990)(tm, NJL)

Kjærulfgade (Kjærulfstreet) in Aalborg

Originally called Ryesgade but changed name by the almalgation of municipalities in 1970. The Kjærulf family which has given name to the steet is widely scattered and can be traced back to late Middle Ages . Mostly the many "herredsfogeder" ([judge of a herredsret) in Kjær Herred as the herredsfoged post was hereditable and was filled with Kjærulfs for a long period. (Munk, Sundsh., nr. 28, 1990)(tm, NJL)


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